And You Question My Parenting Ability? My Life 08 FEB 2010

And you questioning my parenting ability? Little god daughter Zandea certainly doesn’t seem to think that I don’t have what it takes! See, see, photographic evidence that I don’t drop/break/disassemble everything I pick up! Besides, God-willing I’ll be a father sometime next year you know – and as you can see, some training for the event never hurt anybody! ;)

Apart from Chantelle’s top that is – that was completely icky drool covered when they pried Zandea off her!

That's me. The big one, not the little one.

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About Craig Lotter

Software developer, husband and dad to two little girls. Writer behind An Exploring South African. I don’t have time for myself any more.

  • Chantelle

    This is such an adorable photo my love!

  • So who is cuter then, Zandea or Me? :P

  • Chantelle

    I’ll go for the little one in this case ;)

  • Boo, hiss, boo! :P

  • Ryan

    Why are you not supporting her head? Her neck is not strong enough yet?…See I can question your parenting

  • Dude, her head is resting on my bicep, duh! Of course, with your puny biceps you would never be able to do it I suppose! :P

  • Cheryl M

    Nice photo! Looking forward to seeing you with your OWN little one!

  • Yup, just got to wait for boss Chantelle to give the go ahead – she and her loyalty to that guest house of hers! :P

  • Michelle Oosthuizen

    That’s so cute, you look like a seriously proud daddy!

  • One day Michelle one day – and then it won’t just be a test run like above! :)