Screenshot Saturday: Highlander: The Search for Vengeance Anime 13 FEB 2010

Dahlia really should learn to keep out of those murky sewer waters. It really doesn't make for a good bath you know...

A cult franchise, nearly completely sunk by absolutely rubbish sequel films during the 2000’s, Highlander finally gained some new traction in the form of a Madhouse-animated anime movie, Highlander: The Search for Vengeance. The movie follows immortal protagonist Colin MacLeod in his quest for revenge against the immortal Marcus Octavius, the man who had originally murdered his wife and inadvertently triggered Colin’s Quickening.

Now in post-apocalyptic New York, Colin finds himself in the company of some unlikely allies as they seek to stop Marcus from releasing his Utopian-creating virus and in the process allow Colin to exact his centuries-old vengeance against his lifelong foe.

But if only someone had warned them about those damn alligators that keep getting flushed down the sewers…

The alligator kind of lost his head during this particular confrontation. It wasn't pretty.

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