Cosplay Sundae: Atomic Robo (Atomic Robo) Cosplay 14 FEB 2010

Atomic Robo is an award-winning independent comic book series by writer Brian Clevinger (of 8-bit Theater fame) and artist Scott Wegener, and chronicles the adventures of Atomic Robo, a robot possessing “automatic intelligence” and which was created by Nikola Tesla in 1923. A core member of Tesladyne Industries, “a think tank dedicated to exploring the fringes of scientific inquiry”, Atomic Robo counts himself amongst the other Action Scientists who routinely find themselves being called out to respond to paranormal and supernatural emergencies. Having worked with both the United States government and Nasa in the past, as well as having battled the likes of Nazi scientist Baron Heinrich Von Helsingard, it’s no wonder that Robo has gone and developed himself a sense of humour.

Hey, whatever helps you cope.

Anyway, today’s fantastic example of cosplay done EXTREMELY right comes courtesy of the talented FeatherWeight, who has slapped together this perfect Atomic Robo replica suit, complete with authentic historic military gear in order to further advance the character realism.

Bow and scrape in awe is pretty much all you have left to do.

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