Cosplay Sundae: Johannes Krauser II (Detroit Metal City) Cosplay 21 FEB 2010

Detroit Metal City was one of those anime series that went out of its way to be offensive but in doing so, pushed some of the funniest sequences you will ever see in anime, making it one of my firm favourites when I want to sneak in a quick bit of unscheduled anime watching. Today’s exceptional cosplay comes from the Comiket 75 gathering, where an unknown cosplayer has tackled the giddy role of Johannes Krauser II, the lead singer for death metal band DMC, otherwise known as Detroit Metal City.

Krauser himself is in fact the alter ego of mild mannered Soichi Negishi, a calm and peaceful musician from Inukai, Oita and who is a big fan of sweet sounding Swedish pop. In other words, the complete opposite of Krauser.

Which is exactly what makes the show so funny, particularly when these two completely different characters start crossing over into each other’s world! :)

(Though I’m not convinced that today’s cosplayer would in fact be able to play the guitar with his teeth. The real Krauser would thus be ashamed of this poser, now wouldn’t he?)

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