Screenshot Saturday: Queen’s Blade (Episode 1) Anime 27 FEB 2010

Shape-shifting assassin Melona versus the Wandering Warrior Reina is the focus of today’s Screenshot Saturday, deftly grabbed from that much talked about anime piece of fan service swords and sorcery title, Queen’s Blade…

Got milk? (Yeah, I'm not going to try and explain it either O.o)

Queen’s Blade, the extremely naughty battle fantasy show that somehow made the jump from tabletop game to anime series. Today’s screenshot chronicles one of the most ridiculous/preposterous superhuman abilities I’ve yet to encounter in anime: the ability to lactate acid!

Anyway, episode 1 kicks off with a disguised Reina, the nomad warrior (voiced by popular seiyu Ayako Kawasumi), confronting Melona (voiced by the equally popular seiyu Rie Kugimiya), the shape-shifting, magic-wielding witch who has the ability to take any physical form and can create and manipulate any sort of physical object out of a self-generated pink liquid – and who also has the dubious honour of possessing the most preposterous attack ability ever created by man!

You see, she forms two hands out of her hair which she can manipulate with her mind, and these two hands, well they’re primarily used to grab her breasts and squeeze, squirting out a powerful acid that is capable of melting even metal!

Yeah. From the writers who have their main characters wet their panties quite often, it’s no wonder this idea got okayed off the storyboard! O.o

Interestingly enough, when Melona's acid hits a girl, all that seems to disintegrate is the girl's clothes - go figure!

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