Cosplay Sundae: Master Roshi (Dragon Ball) Cosplay 28 FEB 2010

A cosplayer brave enough to take on the role of Master Roshi. Needless to say, the amount of giggles that this fearless Comiket 77 dress up earned must have been tremendous – and thus well worth the effort!

For those of you not in the know, Master Roshi is one of those designated comic relief characters featured in the uber popular Dragon Ball series. An ancient and technically wise martial arts master, Master Roshi was in fact the first earthling to wield the fearsome kamehameha technique. Famed as the teacher of Grandpa Gohan, Ox King and Son Goku, he is of course not completely without his vices. Like pretty women for instance. That and the urge to see them without their bathing costumes on as much as possible.

But who cares. With the penchant for using the alias Jackie Chun and his wonderful van dyke beard, who can’t help but love this senile old fool! :)

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