Cosplay Sundae: Carmilla (Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust) Cosplay 14 MAR 2010

Presenting today’s Cosplay Sundae: Carmilla of Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust notoriety!

Come closer my dear, I don't bite... much!

Yoshiaki Kawajiri’s 2000 Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust was a great addition to the dark and bloody Vampire Hunter D franchise and today’s Cosplay Sundae pays homage to the movie with a great piece of cosplay featuring Carmilla, principle villain of the movie. An ancient vampire residing in the Castle of Chaythe, Carmilla’s legendary bloodlust was exactly what led to her demise, when D’s father, the Lord of Vampires, impaled her in her sleep and left her body to rot and her spirit imprisoned within her very own castle. However, for vampires death is very seldom permanent and with the right body in her possession, Carmilla may very well rise in the flesh again – but for now her ghost will have to remain content in trying to entrap the hapless Charlotte before anyone figures out what really is going on!

Yaya Han may very well be America’s queen of cosplay if you ask anyone, with the amount of time, effort and passion she puts into each and every one of her costumes and appearances. I’ve featured this hardcore cosplayer before and I’m pretty sure you’ll see her here again.

After all, you can’t exactly argue with a woman who has fangs in her mouth now can you!? ;)

You can run, but you'll never escape! Not with these radar dohickeys pasted on the side of my head!

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