Screenshot Saturday: Queen’s Blade (Episode 11) Anime 27 MAR 2010

Screenshot Saturday time again, and this week I’ve got a couple of snaps from the fan service loaded, Queen’s Blade anime series for you!

Dodging lightning attacks in anime appears to be quite the simple task!

Episode 11 of the naughty ecchi series Queen’s Blade treats us to an all out battle between the Vagrant Warrior Reina and her sister, Lightning General Claudette. Of course for the most part the powerful, lightning wielding Claudette has the upper hand, but that all changes when Reina finally gets all fired up and unleashes the most deadly weapon in her arsenal – the Dragon Tail strike (conveniently learned last episode in case you were wondering).

Her finishing blow catches Claudette completely by surprise, but in a shock twist it gets revealed that Claudette managed to prevent the strike from killing her at the very last second by swinging her sword up right in front of her – though the damage to Thunderclap is absolutely devastating!

Needless to say, the idea of then unleashing a powerful lightning bolt through it as her counterattack was definitely not one of Claudette’s greatest ideas! :)

With that look of determination you had better brace yourself for one hell of a hit!

The Dragon Tail. Reina's finishing move and probably not something you would normally employ against your own sister...

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