Cosplay Sundae: Lilith (Darkstalkers) Cosplay 04 APR 2010

Morrigan Aensland was always tradionally Capcom’s hot female fighting character in their popular Darkstalkers fighting game franchise, and so to build on that they eventually introduced Lilith, Morrigan’s “lighter” counterpart.

Lilith is essentially a rather cheerful succubus who was originally a part of Morrigan’s substantially darker soul. Released and given a much smaller frame by Jedah, Lilith was in fact originally formed from part of Morrigan’s power that had been sealed away by Belial. Eventually becoming self-aware over a period of 10 years (though with a limited emotional development), Lilith learned of her dependence on Morrigan’s existence in order to appear in this world. Eager to become fully realised in this realm, Lilith continues to seek Morrigan out in order to join with her in the hopes of gaining this necessary power.

As per usual, this week I once again present an unknown cosplayer to you, but as you can see, I’ve plenty of reason to bring her up. An excellent Lilith don’t you think? ;)

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