Cosplay Sundae: Konata Izumi (Lucky Star) Cosplay 11 APR 2010

Lucky Star was something of a smash hit when it came out, with both Japanese and Western fans alike, and so today’s Cosplay Sundae entry gets to pay homage to this still popular anime franchise.

Konata Izumi, or “Kona-chan” for short, is kind of by default the “leader” of the main gaggle of girls, despite her being the shortest of the lot by more than a fair margin. Kind of eccentric but balanced out by being both friendly and outgoing, Kona-chan can be more than a little mischievous and is blessed with quite a good sense of humour.

Despite being fairly smart, she hates studying (who doesn’t?) and as such has become the queen of all-nighters – something her grades tend to show up more often than not. A devout anime and video game lover, Konata does however have one small vice – thanks to her father’s influence, she’s kind of developed this thing for playing ero-games…

Cosplayer Aka-san brings Kona-chan to life in this cute piece of cosplay showing off (with a little photoshop help of course – but that’s pretty much par for the course these days it would seem), capturing Kona’s mischievous energy perfectly. Me likes! :)

Not the most effective karate chop, true...

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Konata Izumi

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