Cosplay Sundae: Shampoo (Ranma 1/2) Cosplay 18 APR 2010

More Yaya Han cosplay time again, this time showing us some Shampoo of Ranma 1/2 fame!

You don't really want to mess with Shampoo and her broadsword, now do you?

Ranma 1/2 was one of the first manga books I ever came into contact with and Rumiko Takahashi’s form-changing martial arts romantic comedy soon had me in absolute stitches with the various misadventures of Ranma and Co. One of the many delightful characters to grace the story was of course that of Shampoo, the Chinese warrior girl who swore revenge on the female Ranma by means of a “Kiss of Death” for defeating her in a prior annual martial contest.

She eventually came to Japan and after giving the male Ranma the “Kiss of Marriage” became torn between kill and marrying the poor lad, before she too befell an accidental trip into the sorrowful lakes of transformation and ended up becoming a cat. Known for her bad bicycle delivery driving skills, where she routinely knocks people down (usually Ranma) no matter where they are, be it the street or rooftops, Shampoo is in fact quite a skillful martial arts beauty and is most definitely not someone on whose bad side you want to be!

As for our passionate cosplayer Yaya Han, little more has to be said of this ten year veteran cosplayer that has graced many a convention with her passionate and extremely detailed (and quite often outlandish and rather revealing) costume designs. As per usual and as you can see, she pulls off a perfect character impersonation, much to poor old Mousse’s satisfaction.

(Not that it helps him get any closer to her of course!)

Simply put, Mousse never learns, now does he?

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