Okay, so I’ve finally taken the hard decision and decided to throttle back a bit on the output I produce for my CodeUnit code, technology and tutorials blog.

I currently run three blogs plus am meant to be running a fourth Karate site (which quite simply I don’t find the necessary time for). Now I am a person who firmly believes that blogs are meant to be updated on an extremely regular basis and I find nothing more annoying that an infrequently updated “personal” site.

This of course has the effect that it spurs me on to produce as much good, high quality content as what I possible can, which translates into daily updates on both the CodeUnit of Craig and Rugged Rock of Craig blog sites – The House of C webcomic site gets updated a little less frequently, but it gets updated nevertheless.

However, I would like to stretch my creative legs a little and start producing more artwork in the little spare time that I have, and that of course means that something has got to give, and so after giving it some thought I have decided to cut back on the output stream for CodeUnit and from this point onwards stick to a Monday, Wednesday and Friday release schedule, essentially freeing me up from four days’ worth of articles during a week.

My personal blog, the Rugged Rock of Craig will however continue to be updated on a daily basis.

So if you are a regular, regular visitor (i.e. daily) to CodeUnit of Craig, I’m sorry for this cutting back a bit. Rest assured though that the quality of the articles will remain the same – there is simply going to be a fair smaller number of new posts in a month.

(Luckily for me though, based on the Google Analytics stats I don’t believe there are too many of you in existence in the first place! :P)


Just thought I should let you know.