Anime Download: Queen’s Blade: Wandering Warrior Anime 23 APR 2010

Every four years there exists a major battle competition known as Queen’s Blade that attracts female warriors from across the lands, held at the capital of Gainos and which was created in order to choose the continent’s new Queen.

It is a honour to participate and a must if you are seeking power, meaning that the world’s best warriors soon find themselves onroute to this prestigous event.

But not all warriors come with enitrely noble ideals of course.

Elsewhere, the Count’s daughter Reina Banshu is young woman dissatisfied with her current gilded life and the solitude she experiences by being trapped behind her father’s citadel’s walls. Eager to test her mettle with a sword and follow in her sisters’ footsteps, Reina seeks to leave the safety of her confines and become a real warrior, but the path that she has chosen is a difficult and dangerous one…

… and it doesn’t help if you start out your quest by going after one of the deadliest, shape-shifting assassins in the Swamp Witch’s employ either!

The first season of Queen’s Blade entitled Wandering Warrior (Ruro no Senshi) consists of 12 episodes and is a good mixture of a fantasy setting with some magic and sword-slinging tossed in. There is loads of action and fighting to be had, as well as plenty of humour and just that little bit of drama and intrigue to accompany it, but of course as most people out there would know by now, Queen’s Blade is pretty much all about one thing…

Loads and loads of unabashed fanservice shoved in your face and down your gullet, complete with uncovered nipples, loads of g-strings (snakes as panties anyone?), and girls wetting themselves. So definitely not a series for your kids then, and probably not one you should be watching in the company of a partner that you wish to impress.

However, it caused quite a buzz in Japan and on the Internet when it launched in 2009, making it a particularly popular hit – even if half the channels showing it had to HEAVILY censor it. But of course the uncensored epsiodes soon saw the light of day thanks to the non-controversy shy channel AT-X and so after scratching about on Megaupload and Mediafire a bit, here’s a download list of the first season of Queen’s Blade: Wandering Warrior that I’ve managed to locate on these file download sites.

Just in case you were curious of course…

(C’mon, who wouldn’t be curious of a pink shapeshifting swamp demon who squirts acid from her breasts at her enemies!?!)


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