Final Fantasy XIII Cosplay: Hope Estheim (Sakazaki Yuuko) Cosplay 25 APR 2010

Okay fine, it’s a girl masquerading around like a boy for today’s Cosplay Sundae, but she pulls off the role so well that you really wouldn’t care, now would you?

Damn, I hope I remember where I parked the car...

Final Fantasy XIII is of course the thirteenth installment of the hugely popular Final Fantasy games series, and as was expected, it was pretty much a runaway hit. The game (as have almost all its predecessors) introduced some great new characters for the fan’s to play around with and today it is the turn of Hope Estheim.

Hope is a fourteen-year-old boy with a penchant for using collapsible boomerangs in battle. His mother was killed during the Purge in the battle against PSICOM and as a result this young boy harbors an intense grief-induced rage. Of course, this isn’t all that great a thing when you take into account that his Eidolon is the holy-elemental summon Alexander – a huge transforming fortress in Gestalt Mode that is able to blast anyone and anything from afar with its multiple cannons!

Sakazaki Yuuko is her name and this Japanese cosplay lady has put together a great costume here that captures the detail and fairly Western look of the character pretty damn well. There isn’t really all that much else to say, other than great job boy – or should that be girl? ;)

Cosplaying must be hard work. Time for a sit down to rest up then!

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