Anime Download: Detroit Metal City Anime 30 APR 2010

Soichi Negishi is a shy, reserved and gentle fellow who loves the sounds of sweet Swedish pop and dreams of a career as a successful pop artist. Of course, dreams don’t exactly pay the bills and so in the meantime, he has accepted the position of leader singer and lead guitarist for a rather raucous Death Metal back called Detroit Metal City, or DMC for short.

The only problem with this arrangement is that his death metal alter ego, Johannes Krauser II happens to be akin to a demon straight out of Hell! And it gets worse… try as he may like Soichi is struggling to keep the real him and Johannes apart in real life – with absolutely hilarious consequences of course!

Detroit Metal City is a twelve episode anime OVA that saw the light of day in 2008 and weigh in at about 13 minutes an episode, but those thirteen minutes a pop may just be the funniest minutes you have yet to experience.

Aside from the fantastic music skill on display, the absolute comedic brilliance that pits the depravity of Johannes against the naivety and sweetness of Soichi in a real world setting, combined with an absolutely deranged set of supporting characters will literally have you laughing out loud from start to finish.

The scenarios, gags and just plain fun, shock value and stupidity is hard not to enjoy, making DMC a surprisingly excellent watch – packaged up in a nice convenient pocket-sized helping.

Animation style is certainly nothing to write home about, though I guess it scores points for being original, but if you can avoid moaning about that (apparently the manga on which it is based is drawn even worse) then there is absolutely no reason if you are not an easily offended person to give this one a bash!

As per usual, I’ve crawled and scratched about on the file download sites Megaupload and Mediafire a bit to dig up what I can, and so without further ado, here’s a download list for Detroit Metal City!



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