Anime Download: Queen’s Blade: The One to Inherit the Throne Anime 07 MAY 2010

Now that the female warriors have all reached the capital of Gainos and seen off a last ditch attempt to stop them courtesy of the Swamp Witch, the Queen’s Blade tournament can finally kick off in ernest.

Alliances and friendships need to break and reform as the warriors slowly get paired off against one another and as the unforgiving battles ensue, the greatest prize of being selected Queen of the continent still sits firmly in each’s mind.

Reina, the wandering warrior continues her quest to become as strong as what she possible can, but unbeknownst to her there is more to this tournament than just what can be seen on the surface. Sinister forces are on the move, and the current Queen is already plotting to oppose them… however she may not exactly be quite what she seems!

Season 2 of Queen’s Blade, entitled The One to Inherit the Throne (Gyokuza o Tsugumono) or The Evil Eye in the official English adaptation, consists of 12 episodes and saw the light of day in 2009. As with the first season, it sits firmly in the ecchi realm giving us more buxom, underdressed girls in g-strings swinging their weapons at one another and to be honest, they’ve gone and pushed the “let’s see what we can get away with without being labelled pornographic” envelope even further this time around, with the sentient fire staff Funikura’s “punishment method” against its bearer Nyx being a great example of this.

So it’s nipples, swords and sorcery once again, but with a decent amount of intrigue, mystery, drama and story to carry it through and make it not a complete waste of time.

It is surprisingly good but you’ve got to watch it and forgive the fact that there is a lot of blatant fan service that is going to be shoved in your face, making it perhaps a show you are not going to be enjoying with your significant other!

But if you are curious and want to see with the Queen’s Blade saga is heading, I’ve done some searching on the file download sites like MegaUpload and Mediafire and have come up with this handy little download list:


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