Homemade Pizza Heaven My Life 17 MAY 2010

Last Thursday we came up with a great idea on what to make for supper. No boring old frozen chicken steaklets defrosting in the oven, no boring pancakes or toast, no, we decided to finally make use of Chantelle’s awesome pizza baking apparatus that has been languishing in our cupboards ever since I’ve known her! (Plus the awesome pizza baking pan Chantelle mysteriously added to the Wedding Registry. No idea why, but she did – and now it has finally proved itself useful! – Unlike our other baking sheets which proved to be to big to fit in our little oven! The horror I tell you).

Avo - the unsung hero of many a pizza

And when I say homemade pizza, I mean homemade. From scratch super Chantelle whipped up some pizza base dough and while we waited for it to rise a little, we popped out to Pick ‘n Pay to buy all the necessary toppings – which proved damn expensive. Turns out that buying your pizza really is cheaper than making it yourself!

Anyway, back home we each got to roll out our base, slather it with Chantelle-made tomato base and then have fun drowning our twin pizzas in whatever we felt like! Chantelle went for the more savoury route, picking things like feta, onion, bacon, red pepper, garlic and avo, while I opted for my favourite sweet bacon, pineapple, banana, avo and feta combination.

A couple of minutes in the Chantelle’s nifty baking apparatus and then a couple of minutes grilling in the oven to brown the top and finally the moment of truth was upon us (well actually that moment came by twice seeing as we were making two pizzas) – it was a success!

A very, very tasty success! :)

My pizza happily cooking away in Chantelle's magic pizza baker

Chantelle's pizza getting some colour thanks to the oven grill

For some or othre reason, I’m pretty sure Chantelle forbade me from using this picture on the blog. But I can’t be sure, so I’m posting it anyway! :P

Chantelle holding her masterpiece. At this stage I was jealous because mine was still to come!

You’re jealous, right?

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  • Chantelle

    Damn that photo is mean!!! Please remove it asap!! :)

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  • I like Chantelle’s cooker hood earmuffs.
    The ideal pizza baking chef’s headgear.

    Pizzas look good. Hungry now.

    P.S. I sense that the photo may be removed almost instantly when Chantelle sees you this evening. Well, either that or your tackle, in the kitchen, with the pizza wheel.

    • Ah, the joys of accidentally lining up a photo correctly to produce something humorous – I concur, the perfect chef hat! :)

      Thankfully, we don’t have a pizza wheel to cut with – Unfortunately though, a great big Chef’s knife was available instead. I thus now fear for my tackle following my return home tonight. (Maybe I should stay out at a bar instead until this all blows over?)

  • Is that banana I see on your pizza? a banana pizza? seriously? I have never even heard of that combination.
    But Chantal’s pizza looks *fantastic* – it looks bigger than the large Debonair’s pizza.
    And Round too! Unlike yours. I have never seen non-round pizzas either.
    Yours reminds me of a giant amoeba, from biology.

    • Oh yes my friend, that is definitely banana you see. Together with pineapple and bacon and feta, an absolutely brilliant tast combination! (And if I had boerwors handy I would have added that in as well) – I was eating boerewors pizza long before Romans ever cottoned on to it! :)

      (And yes, I moaned about mine dough not coming out round, but Chantelle wouldn’t budge and roll mine out for me!)