Cosplay Sundae: Airi, Temptress of the Underworld (Queen’s Blade) Cosplay 13 JUN 2010

Arisa Mizuhara is probably one of the most popular current cosplay models (beside Kipi) to grace the Internet today, and in this edition of Cosplay Sundae she tackles none other than Airi, Temptress of the Underworld, of Queen’s Blade notoriety.

Temptress of the Underworld indeed. Though in that maids' uniform I'm not so sure about the Underworld part to be honest...

It’s not often that I post more than one Cosplay Sundae entry of a particular character, but despite the fact that Airi from Queen’s Blade has made an appearance here on this site before, I couldn’t help but post today’s entry which sees the extremely popular (and cute) princess of Cosplay, Arisa Mizuhara tackle the character and put her own little spin on it.

If you are too lazy to check out what I’ve written on Airi before, never fear, I’ll simply write it out here again. Now how is that for service? ;)

Airi, nicknamed the Temptress of the Underworld is a violent spirit gifted a human form by the evil Swamp Witch and tasked with doing her bidding. Unquestioning and extremely loyal to her master, Airi wields a huge scythe that possesses a deadly energy and can kill with a single hit. Possessing the abilities that stem from being a spirit, Airi is kept in this plane of existence by feeding on the life energy of human beings, literally eating the life force directly out of a person merely by touching them. In addition to this, she also commands a number of spirits which she can send out in attack and who are able to bind a victim allowing her the opportunity to get in close and feed.

So certainly not a character you would wish to tangle with then. Though that said (and as Arisa proves quite nicely – even if she doesn’t have the character’s trademark scythe with her today), certainly a form that you wouldn’t mind getting particularly close to! :P

As tempting as she is deadly. Airi. (Though she certainly looks more threatening when armed with that huge scythe of hers you know...)

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