Anime Download: Kamen no Maid Guy Anime 18 JUN 2010

Kendo practicing, sword swinging Naeka Fujiwara is the granddaughter of a billionaire and the heir to his fortune. However, having lost her parents in a tragic accident and not wanting to rely on anyone, she and her brother Kosuke (a maids and eroge fan) currently live on their own in her late parents’ house and go about their lives pretty much as normal.

But there are those who would harm her in order to get to the inheritance now that she is coming of age.

Fearing for her safety, her grandfather orders two special maids to move in with the children and tend to their needs while secretly protecting them from any harm that might come – a role which is pretty easy for the beautiful (but violent) Fubuki to perform, but perhaps not that simple for the awesomeness that is Maid Guy Kogarashi, a beast of a man dressed in a maid uniform and the possessor of such powers as x-ray vision, USB connectivity, extreme strength and an excessive pain threshold – oh, and his 37 senses of course!

What follows is needless to say a laugh a minute, action-packed 12 episode anime series that has a lot of fanservice and breast-related jokes, combined with a host of absurd and totally over the top gags and encounters. It’s ridiculous, fun and a total laugh – and Maid Guy Kogarashi has to be seen to be believed!

If you haven’t seen this gem of a funny series yet, fear not non Maid Guy for I have gone through all the free file download sites like MegaUpload, MediaFire and Rapidshare, and have come up with this handy little download list so that you too may enjoy the silliness! :)


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