Simple way to Play MP4 videos on Your XBOX 360 CodeUnit 20 JUN 2010

So you are already the master of streaming videos over to your XBOX 360 console using nothing more than Ubuntu Lucid Lynx, uShare and a UPnP, but here’s a simple little trick for playing MP4 video files on your XBOX – without the hassle of messing with MIME types or reconverting your files!

Simply put, the default view for MP4 files on the XBOX is as audio files and so lists them as such, despite the fact that your MP4 file may in fact be a video file. The easiest way around this is of course to simply rename them to something the XBOX would expect a video file to appear as – like .mov files for example!

And that is it. Rename your .mp4 video file to a .mov file, refresh your share, load up the video list on the XBOX and look out for your newly added video file which was previously only visible under the music tab.

Click play, sit back… and relax! :)

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  • Ciaranr

    That didnt work Craig. I renamed a 2.32gb .mp4 file to a .mov file and go the same problem with xbox 360. cannot play. Did xbox change something when the firmware was updated in Nov ’10 do u think?

    • In all liklihood I would guess that the mp4 file (which is really just a container format) has been encoded with a codec that xbox doesn’t support :(

      You would probably have to re-encode the file yourself then into something xbox can play back.

  • Mr. S

    This worked for me. Thanks !

  • Graham6282

    OMFG…… i was at this for ages and ages, trying different plugins for media centre and trying tversity (without any luck), i even tried changing the file type to .avi as i noticed it didn’t show in the media player 11 video list (did after the change) ‘first’….. finally came across you’re post and voila….. working. thanks a lot.

  • novice

    ushare has built in mime type support for mp4 video. Just rename the file from mp4 to m4v.and it will work fine.

  • anonymous

    howzit from sydney. cheers for the quick bru ;)