Speed Grapher Cosplay: Hibari Ginza (Omi Gibson) Cosplay 27 JUN 2010

We’ve got a Gonzo creation for you this week in Cosplay Sundae, taking a shot at Speed Grapher and the psycho policewoman who just spells trouble for everyone who gets in her way, Hibari Ginza!

My, what a great big gun you're licking...

In 2005 director Kunihisa Sugishima brough Speed Grapher to our screens, telling the story of a veteran war photographer who gains the ability to cause things to explode simply by taking a picture of it, and whom then gets drawn into the battle for possession of the girl responsible for birthing all these strange and wonderful abilities based on the person gaining the ability’s innermost desire!

Hibari Ginza a particularly vicious policewoman who falls in love with the protagonist Saiga and becomes increasingly jealous and protective over him. A nasty habit that she seems to have developed is threatening “self-defence” every time she shoots to kill somebody and she’s not above blackmailing Saiga into sleeping with her either! However, she has to learn the hard way that the love shared between Kagura and Saiga is something she’ll never be able to come between, making her a very heartbroken – and dangerous – individual indeed!

The anime sees her voiced by Takako Honda in the original Japanese version and by Clarine Harp in the English language version.

Omi Gibson is quickly becoming quite a popular name in the world of Internet Cosplay, thanks in particular to her awesome series of Metal Gear Solid and Revi of Black Lagoon cosplay outings, and as per usual, this top quality cosplayer captures the feel and look of Hibari Ginza absolutely perfectly! (I dare not disagree – you saw those big guns in her hands, didn’t you?)

This woman will make you see red pretty soon!

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