Armitage III Cosplay: Naomi Armitage (Omi Gibson) Cosplay 04 JUL 2010

What, more Omi Gibson Cosplay again? Well, yeah, so too bad! Besides, who could say no to featuring this particular classic piece of anime cyberpunk history after all? Yes, it is time to hit those archives once again, because we’ve got Naomi Armitage to enjoy!

So is cyberpunk all girls with guns then? One can't help but wonder you know...

Back in 1994, director Hiroyuki Ochi spawned the classic anime OVA hit, Armitage III, which went on to cement itself in cyberpunk anime fan history. Originally a four part original video animation, Armitage III went on to spawn a further two movies, with the entire series revolving around Naomi Armitage, a highly advanced Type-III android.

So what exactly is a Type-III android then? Well basically a “third type” android is a highly illegal robot which is modelled as closely to look and function as human as humanly possible. Naomi Armitage was created by Dr. Asakura and moves out of her “poppa’s” care to become a police agent, partnered up with Ross Syllabus who is attached to the Mars Police Department. An android capable of emotion, Naomi eventually falls in love with Ross and goes on to bear his child, named Yoko.

Naomi has seen a number of seiyuu tackle her character, namely Hiroko Kasahara in the original Armitage III and Ryoka Yuzuki in Armitage: Dual-Matrix. In terms of the English dubs, B.G. Mills, Elizabeth Berkley and Juliette Lewis have all loaned their voices to the character as well.

All of which brings us to Omi Gibson, the girl responsible for giving this rather hot cosplay of the classic Naomi Armitage in her – well rather revealing attire. Omi Gibson as we all know by now is pretty hot property in the current world of Internet cosplay, thanks in part for her penchant for Metal Gear Solid characters as well as her smoking original Revi from Black Lagoon representation.

And as you can see, she’s certainly not a particularly shy lady as she pulls off yet another stunning example of cosplay done right!

Damn it. Stupid gun seems to have jammed again. Must be because of the colour!

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  • Guest

    This is what I can’t stand about cosplay. How is this Armitage?
    The costum is nothing like Armitage outfit… in any of the movies. The hair is also just plain wrong, kinda like how almost every cosplayer who does Rei or Asuka just … I dunno, doesn’t put any effort into getting the hair to look reasonably close to the character’s. The hair is deffinitive, and unless it was marked Armitage, I would be left wondering, who’s this suppose to be? If it was good cosplay, the outfit wouldn’t matter… I should be able to recognize any popular character by features like hair… But this… This is almost ugly despite however hot this cosplayer may be in other costumes.

    • I actually thought the hair wasn’t too far off – particularly taking the top photo into account. Secondly, the costume is pretty close to the original as well. Which Armitage movie are you referring to anyway?

    • Kattrmx

      this is something armitage would wear, or would you have us believe otherwise?