Cosplay Sundae: Plug Cryostat (Fight Ippatsu! Juden-chan!!) Cosplay 11 JUL 2010

You feeling a little down? A little depressed? Then you definitely need a great big jolt of electricity to cheer you up, courtesy of the phase shifting, electricity wielding Juden-chan plug girls of course! :)

Fight Ippatsu! Juden-chan!! is of course quite the strange anime/manga scenario you understand. Basically the premise revolves around Juden-chan (charger girls), females from a parallel planet known as “Life Core”, who patrol our human world in order to seek out any depressed or unlucky souls and charge these people up with electricity in order to improve their mental states. Of course, they are completely invisible to the human eye, but as every anime would have it, one lucky sod is just bound to develop the ability to catch them at their game!

Plug Cryostat is the main protagonist of this quirky show (which does tend to throw a lot of fan service at its viewers) and as luck would have it, a fair airhead it would seem. She possesses the ability to phase which naturally helps with her charging job and also has a secret love for a particular ecchi anime series called “Mille-chan”. Plug is different from other Juden-chan who normally focus simply on charging people and getting paid, instead opting to try and discover the root of the problem affecting a depressed person and timing her charges so that they don’t fall back in depression after everything returns to normal!

Today’s cosplay of the airheaded Plug Cryostat is delivered to us courtesy of 18-year-old Gravure model Miu Nakamura who fills out the infamous plug suit rather nicely as you can see. Plus, with props as electrifying as these, you really can’t tell her she isn’t doing an great job now can you? :P

For those really, really depressed people in life.

Miu Nakamura in a full length shot. For no particular reason mind you.

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