Mezzo Forte Cosplay: Mikura Suzuki (Omi Gibson) Cosplay 25 JUL 2010

Mezzo Forte, high energy explosive action mixed with a good quantity of very black humour and loads of graphic violence, unfortunately tainted with some rather suspect scenes inserted by an oversexed director, is the subject for today’s Cosplay Sundae entry. And when we talk Mezzo, who else would we mean but our child assassin, Mikura Suzuki!

Don't let the view distract you - this girl is as deadly as she dresses!

Back in 1998 a very hard hitting OVA from director Yasuomi Umetsu hit the screens and the explicit sex scenes in the director’s cut aside, Mezzo Forte was an absolutely brilliant roller-coaster high-energy action ride that pitted the child assassin Mikura Suzuki of the Danger Services Agency against Momomi Momoi, the psychopathic daughter of a rather tainted Baseball Franchise owner.

Mikura, the protagonist of the story is DSA’s combat specialist with a penchant for shooting first and asking questions later. She is still pretty young but has the heart of an experienced and cold-hearted killer, aided by her limited but uncontrolled precognitive ability. She’s strong, proficient at hand to hand combat and weapons firing and comes across as particularly determined and strong-willed, making her quite the competitive character.

And yet, despite all the blood that flows around her, all the normal things teenage girls like still come into play – like karaoke for example!

In the original OVA Mikura is voiced by Tomoko Kotani (Japanese), Melissa Fahn (English) and Marie Court for the English sex scenes. The follow up television anime series sees Tomoko reprise her voice role with Luci Christian taking on the English version.

The cosplay star who has seen it fit to represent Mezzo’s Mikura is none other than the Internet Cosplay sensation, Omi Gibson, who up to now has managed to keep a pretty low profile when it comes to more information about her apart from her apparent undying love of all things Metal Gear Solid and her ability to put together and model some fantastic cosplay costumes.

And as you can no doubt see here, even the stone cold teenage killer Mikura is no match for Omi’s cosplaying skills! :P

Damn, she even has eyes in the back of her head it would seem!

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