Stubborn Like Her Dad My Life 04 AUG 2010

Chantelle went for another check up scan on Friday, though this time around she gave her mom a much appreciated present, inviting Cheryl to accompany her to the gynae while I stayed at work, slaving away at my keyboard as per usual.

Our baby at 13 weeks! :)

The good news is of course that everything still looks perfectly normal, little jellybean is now no longer jellybean size, clocking in at 10 cm long with a weight of 150 odd grams. Everything has formed nicely now, ten little fingers and ten little toes, and the heartbeat is still happily racing away as it should at this stage of the game.

The only niggly news coming out of the visit is that it turns out that Chantelle is of O negative blood type, meaning that I need to establish my blood type sooner than later, just to make sure we don’t hit the Rhesus Negative type problem later on. This of course meant a trip to the pathologists on Saturday (and I must say I was quite impressed with the PathCare out here in Somerset West), where they drew a vial of blood with that awesome new vacuum needle/cartridge system of theirs.

I didn’t get a lollipop for being a good boy though :(

Finally, the funny or should that be disappointing news is that our 51% guess of Jessica turning out to be a little girl has only increased to a miserly 52% guess – it turns out that our baby is already giving off strong indications that she has inherited her father’s legendary stubbornness, literally refusing to turn around on her tummy despite all the ferocious prodding, poking and pushing, thereby denying the doctor and C from confirming as to whether or not our little bun in the oven is in fact a tollieman or not! :)

Needless to say, if little Jessica has indeed inherited my stubborn streak, then boy do I feel sorry for my wife already! ;)

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  • Chantelle

    It’s Grams love, not Milligrams :)

    • Oops. Note to self to correct the post sometime then! Thanks babes! :)

  • Michelle Oosthuizen

    LoL – I also noticed the milligrams and thought it can’t be right!

    BTW, i was am also rhesus negative – a bit nerve wracking when you’re told but actually not too much of an issue as long as they’re aware of it. You might get an anti-D (Rhogam) injection at 28 weeks and then you will get one again shortly after the birth (within the first 72 hours) if baby’s blood tests rhesus +.

    • Yup. In the meanwhile, we have since found out that I am indeed O postive, meaning a fresh battery of test for Chantelle as well as the need for that injection after birth.

  • Michelle Oosthuizen

    Oh, and Zania is also Rh negative! Weird how we all landed up negative when it’s supposed to be fairly “rare”!

    • Ha ha, that is pretty weird. I was also under the impression it was fairly uncommon! :)

  • Cheryl M

    I also noticed, Craig, that you mentioned the age of the baby being 13 weeks. I believe it was 16 weeks and 4 days last Friday when Chantelle had the scan!! Or was it a previous picture that you used and not the newest one?

    • Hi mom-in-law. Well spotted. But as you surmise, it is indeed a picture taken when she was only 13 weeks – I haven’t gotten around to scanning in the latest 16 week pictures! :)