Lean back, Feet up and Arms down My Life 06 AUG 2010

So don’t expect to see too much of me online this long weekend, nor expect to find me lurking around Gordon’s Bay anywhere. No, this long weekend (and I mean looonng weekend thanks to having booked Friday off), Chantelle and I will be dragging Retha and Miguel up with us to Pinnacle Point near Mossel Bay, where we expect to relax in style and comfort thanks to the borrowing of dad’s generously offered week in his fractional ownership luxury pad holiday house.

I expect to have my feet up, be cut off from online communications, catch up on a lot of manga reading, visit all the sights Mossel Bay has to offer, braai a lot and who knows, even make a little money at the casino. What I won’t be doing is stressing about work, answering my phone and giving myself a hernia by attempting to play golf.

No sir, this is going to be one long enjoyable weekend of friends, food and fun.

And yes, I think Chantelle and I more than deserve this little break!

Yes, this is pretty much the vista you can expect at Pinnacle Point. Promise I'll try to take some pictures of my own!

See you after Women’s Day then! ;)

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