Cosplay Sundae: Baroness (G.I. Joe) Cosplay 08 AUG 2010

We haven’t had much time for machine gun-wielding women on Cosplay Sundae as of late, so how better to get back into the swing of things by making this week’s hot cosplay entry of none other than the Baroness, Cobra Commander’s right-hand girl!

So distracting you might not even notice the machine gun in her hand!

The Baroness is a cold-hearted killer of a woman that serves as Cobra’s intelligence officer and lieutenant to Cobra Commander. The quintessential femme fatal, this ruthless black-haired beauty has for long been a thorn in the side of G.I. Joe.

Although the character wasn’t in the original G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero release back in 1982, the Baroness is however in fact the first character to make the crossover from the comic books, into the animated series and then finally into the toy line, making her debut as an action figure in the 1984 series.

Today’s sizzling cosplay comes to us courtesy of the popular Filipino (and fairly well know around the world) cosplayer, Alodia Gosiengfiao who as you can see puts on the absolute perfect face of everyone’s favourite badass femme fatal, the Baroness! Nice.

Baroness gracefully adopts a pose to dodge a bullet

Strong biceps are what are needed to hold up that machine gun you know

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