Anime Download: RideBack Anime 14 AUG 2010

Tetsuro Kasahara is responsible for the original creation of RideBack, and come 2009, director Atsushi Takahashi teamed up with animation studio Madhouse to bring RideBack to life, churning out a quality 12 episode anime television series.

The story is set in the future were an organization called GGP has pretty much taken full control over the world. Rin Ogata was a promising up-and-coming ballet dancer, but a serious freak accident suffered while dancing put an end to her dreams and as such she turned her back on ballet.

Years later, while in college, she comes across the world of RideBacks, basically transforming motorcycle-like robotic vehicles, and discovers that thanks to her unique ballet skills combined with her balance and finesse, she is in fact a natural born RideBack racer.

But life in college isn’t all about fun and games as we all know, and more often than not, these young adults find themselves becoming increasingly aware of the world around them and more importantly the political landscape under which they fall.

And unfortunately, this is exactly what is about to happen.

This beautifully animated and theme packed anime is well worth the watch, even if it weighs in at a particularly short burst of only twelve episodes, and thus I’m pretty glad I managed to track these down over at MegaUpload for you to enjoy! :)


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