Thank You SARS, I’ll Take It! My Life 26 AUG 2010

Sigh, Tax Season is upon us once more, though I must say that the advent of SARS’ e-filing system has certainly sped things up hundred-fold and made life pretty easy for simple taxpayers like myself.

Nowadays it is simply a matter of logging on, generating your pre-filled out return, checking that the values match up with what the certificates from your employers state, filling in the little things like medical expenditures and bam, hitting the file/save button.

Couldn’t be simpler. (Though I will admit I had to phone up Mr T. to ask him the difference between a positive and negative number on one of their returns!)

It really was that much of a pleasure. Far, far better than those old days of pen on paper with the calculator armed and at the ready as far as I’m concerned!

And what do you know. Just two or three days later and SARS has already deposited my R2,000 rebate into my account.

Nice! ;)

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