Ikki Tousen Cosplay: Kanu Unchou (ayakan) Cosplay 29 AUG 2010

Ikki Tousen made more of name for itself thanks to its penchant for short skirts, ripped clothing and ecchi situations that kept cropping up instead of the great occasional fighting sequences and attached humour that went along with everything happening on screen. Nevertheless, I actually quite enjoyed the first series and so this week’s Cosplay Sundae features a character who made more of an impact in the second series than the first: the invincible Kanu Unchou!

Yes, this is a big stick with a blade on the end. And yes, I am planning on hitting you with it!

Kanu is one of the most feared and powerful Toushi around, the reincarnation of Guan Yu, the legendary Chinese leader of the Shu Five Tiger Generals. Empowered with her invincible weapon, the Blue Dragon Crescent Blade as well as the legendary sword Kusanagi, Kanu believes that it is her destiny and sworn duty to protect Ryuubi Gentoku, leader of the Seito Gakuen. A powerful and aloof warrior, Kanu is not a fighter you wish to tangle with – nor enrage by making a move on her naive charge, Ryuubi.

Today’s cosplayer bringing this long-haired, fearless bladed whirlwind to life is a Japanese-based girl calling herself ayakan according to her cosplay.com profile. As you can see for yourself, she manages to pull off a great costume of the anime version of Kanu, though I’m not so sure about some of those poses – definitely not something Kanu would approve of! :)

Not the greatest of implements to chop carrots with you know.

Okay, I'm not going to comment on this pose. Maybe she lost a contact lens...?

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