BlazBlue Cosplay: Rachel Alucard (Himeno Shirayuki) Cosplay 05 SEP 2010

Cosplay time again and this week we have the ever popular Ms. Himeno Shirayuki bringing to life a high class little lady, or rather timeless vampire, in the form of Rachel Alucard (from the BlazBlue game franchise) to life!

From the popular BlazBlue game franchise comes Rachel Alucard, a centuries old, powerful vampire who is the current head of the Alucard family. Rachel has an habit of carrying herself as an upperclass lady, a member of high society, and thus a woman burdened with their usual traits of arrogance, apathy and extreme boredom.

She deals with her boredom by meddling in with the lives of the others around her, but she also happens to be the only one who seems capable of retaining her memories through the constant time looping caused by the Calamity Trigger, thus making her aware of the problem and perhaps the only one who can guide others into breaking the never ending loop.

She possesses some powerful fighting abilities and is also in the possession of the Tsukuyomi Unit, a powerful Sankishin Unit which possesses the ability of the ultimate defence.

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