Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion Cosplay: Villetta Nu (Midori Kanda) Cosplay 03 OCT 2010

After a short break Cosplay Sundae roars back into life, starting things off with the always good to take in Midori Kanda portraying Villetta Nu, the no nonsense Knightmare Frame pilot who always seems intent on making life as difficult for Zero as possible!

Look into my eyes…

The dark skinned, elite Knightmare Frame mecha pilot, Villetta Nu is a loyal subordinate of Jeremiah Gottwald of Britannia. Composed in battle she makes for a fierce and unyielding opponent. Although not of noble, pure blood, Villetta supports Jeremiah and his Pureblood’s ideals, believing that she might be able to earn a title of nobility through them.

She is one of Zero’s first victims after Lelouche first gains his powers, using them to trick her into handing over her Knightmare. However, this intelligent woman soon pieces together the pieces and soon becomes a recurring thorn in the would be rebel’s side!

Midori Kanda is an always sought after cosplayer on the Internet scene and as you can see from the pictures here, she pulls off a particularly strong and alluring Villetta Nu. Nice.

Shaving one’s underarms are a must – even if you pilot a giant metal killing machine for a living.

Oi! Are you trying to run away from me by any chance?!?

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