Lucky Star Cosplay: Kagami Hiiragi (Midori Kanda) Cosplay 10 OCT 2010

Cosplay Sundae gets spiritual this week by featuring the miko (or shrine maiden/priestess to you and me) Kagami Hiiragi of Lucky Star fame, brought to life by the ever popular Midori Kanda!

Visitors for the shrine. It could happen I guess.

Studious and with excellent grades, class president Kagami Hiiragi is the older fraternal twin sister of Tsukasa Hiiragi. Obsessed with her weight, Kagami counts every kilogram gained or lost, though her insatiable love for all things sweet means that you will often find her tucking into snacks like the ever present chocolate Pocky sticks!

She enjoys side-scrolling shooters as her video game genre of choice but most important of all, she enjoys her friendship with Konata and Tsukasa – even if she’s not going to admit it out aloud…

Midori Kanda dons the traditional miko dress for today’s cosplay outing, complete with wooden broom, purple wig and the all important ribbons in her hair. In other words, Nice! ;)

Damn you wind! Stop blowing leaves all over my nicely swept stairs!

I give up. This sweeping is hard work.

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