Cat Shot: The Hand Basin My Life 11 OCT 2010

Cats. We all know they are fond of lying in some rather strange and wonderful places. So let us take Achilles as an example this morning.

My lovable white and ginger boy seems to have developed an absolute love for… hand basins.

It started at Nagua Bay and now I see it has followed us all the way to Country Mews. He’ll jump up on the toilet when you are in the bathroom, plead with you to open the hand basin tap so that he can drink the running water and once you’ve closed the tap and turned your back, BAM, there he sits.

And sleeps sometimes too it would seem.

Sigh, and here I thought it was only Chantelle’s hair clogging the drains that I needed to worry about! :P

It started back in Nagua Bay, where you'd drag yourself to the bathroom in order to brush your teeth, and BAM, there he was blocking your view!

And now it's happening all over again here at Country Mews. I guess he must really think this is one heck of a safe spot. Secure drinking source, comfy seat and protective shell. Hey, it does have it all now that I think about it!

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