Bleach Cosplay: Yoruichi Shihouin (Yuki LeFay) Cosplay 17 OCT 2010

Tite Kubo’s hit Hollow-slaying Bleach makes its welcome return to the Cosplay Sundae feature, this time coming at us with none other than Yoruichi Shihouin, one of Kubo’s personal favourite female characters to work with.

What? Is my tail still showing?

Yoruichi is at first an enigmatic character to us, presented in her black cat form with a voice that linked her to being a man. However, transformed into her natural state, we find this powerful dark-tanned warrior to be a lithe and beautiful woman – a former high ranking captain of the 2nd Division in the Soul Society, clan leader of the noble Shihouin family as well as the commander-in-chief of the Secret Mobile Corps.

Stripped of her rank thanks to her helping the outlaw Urahara escape Soul Society more than a century ago, Yoruichi remains a more than capable warrior, blessed with incredible strength and hand-to-hand combat abilities, never mind her lightning fast speed that earned her the nickname of Goddess of Flash.

Interestingly enough, she’s never been seen to handle a Zanpakuto (soul cutting sword) in this current day and age.

Not that our cosplayer Thais Jussim (or Yuki LeFay if you prefer online handles) needs a sword to pull off this particular look. From the dark tan to yellow eyes and the violet hair, this Brazilian cosplayer pulls a great Yoruichi out of the hat!


Annoyingly, one has to spend lots of time in the sun just standing there in order to get the tan that I have

Weird fighting stance go!

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