Naruto Cosplay: Orochimaru (Yuki LeFay) Cosplay 24 OCT 2010

Classic Naruto makes its appearance today, with the cosplay of the ultimate villain, rogue ninja master, Orochimaru  – from Masashi Kishimoto’s smash manga and follow up anime series, Naruto!

Insert maniacal laugh here.

Once a former high ranking jounin ninja in the Village of the Hidden Leaf, Orochimaru was subsequently kicked out of the village after it became apparent that his lust for power and tinkering with the forbidden magics would soon be a threat to all. Now determined to destroy his former village, Orochimaru gathers and leads his only village of dark-hearted ninja, all puppets under his malicious control.

With the ability to summon and control giant snakes, Orochimaru’s most chilling ability is to extend his own life by simply switching through various host bodies – the exact reason why he took such a great interest in Sasuke Uchiha in the first place!

Thais Jussim who goes by the handle of Yuki LeFay is an award winning cosplayer from Brazil. Considering that Orochimaru is not exactly the most masculine of characters, it turns out that it is in fact pretty easy for a girl to bring him to life! :)

Doing all that evil all the time is pretty tiring you know

Food. Or you beating heart. Give either of them to me now. Please?

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