Ubuntu: How to Install NetBeans IDE for PHP Development CodeUnit 05 NOV 2010

I enjoy using the powerful NetBeans IDE for all my PHP web development work, and believe it or not, installing it in Ubuntu is actually pretty simple to achieve.

First, download the necessary .sh install file from http://netbeans.org/downloads/. Ensure the platform is set to Linux (x86/x64) and click on the link of the associated PHP installer download (31 MB).

Once the download has completed, run the following command to initiate the install:

sudo bash ~/Downloads/netbeans-6.9.1-ml-php-linux.sh

Follow the onscreen instructions and Bob’s you uncle. That easy to get a fantastic PHP IDE setup on your Ubuntu machine in just about no time at all! :)

Note: You’ll find the program shortcut under the Programming menu entry under your main system’s Applications menu.

(Ubuntu 10.10 Maverick Meerkat)

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  • Thanks to PHPUnit, NetBeans IDE provides code coverage for PHP, similar to the code coverage the IDE provides for Python and Ruby. Test output appears in the same feature-rich output window that the IDE’s JUnit, Ruby, and Python test runners use.

  • I am a PHP developer and using NetBeans IDE for PHP but in windows. How to install NetBeans IDE in Ubuntu is an easy task as you show in your post but I am using Opensuse instead of Ubuntu. Intalling NetBeans IDE in Opnesuse is same like installing in Ibuntu??? Reply soon.
    Thanks in advance.

    • Absolutely no idea. Sorry, but I don’t have any exposure to OpenSuse, preferring to work in Ubuntu (mainly in support to its South African founder/money-man, Shuttleworth).