Cosplay Sundae: Ayane Mudou (Hayate X Blade) Cosplay 07 NOV 2010

Shizuru Hayashiya’s school girl sword-fighting manga makes its first appearance here in Cosplay Sundae today, with the talented cosplayer Miyuki bringing the demure Ayana Mudou to life!

Fine, this blade might be a little on the short side, but it is still pointy enough you know!

Tenchi Academy is an all girls’ school that offers the regular teaching syllabus you would find in any other school, as well as what is simply known as the “Sword Arts”. In Sword Arts the students attempt to perfect their combat skills by duelling with one another, in the hopes of collecting stars linked to monetary compensation and who knows what else!

As a subterfuge to cover for her injured sister, Nagi Kurogane’s twin sister Hayate Kurogame ends up attending and fighting in her place, though this clumsy girl isn’t exactly a star with the blade if you know what I mean. However, by forming a partnership with the reluctant yet highly skilled Ayana Mudou, Hayate is soon well on her way to keeping up this deceit and more importantly, earning enough stars to pay off the huge debt her old orphanage currently finds itself saddled with!

Like we mentioned above, Miyuki’s character of Ayana Mudou is particularly skilled with the blade, but due to personal reasons wishes to abstain from fighting. As annoying as she finds Hayate, Ayane does however relent, but only because this might be the chance she needs in order to face down her old partner who she herself injured during the duels!

And the cosplay? Well as you can see, not too much to complain about here. Detailed costume, sharp props and a cute model makes for another great Cosplay Sundae entry, don’t you think?

I'm not sure, but I might be sitting on my sword!

Doesn't matter that my skirt is this short - with this pointy thing nobody is coming close to me!

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