An Easy WinSCP alternative in Ubuntu CodeUnit 20 NOV 2010

I make heavy use of WinSCP to transfer project files across to our production servers from my Windows development machine. Recently though, I needed to switch to my Ubuntu machine here at home to carry on with my development, and needed a quick replacement in order to easily get my files across to the live servers as I would with WinSCP – in other words something with a similar functionality and more importantly, a GUI.

Turns out Ubuntu comes standard with a great solution, one you might never have noticed to boot!

Access the Place menu option from you main System Menu. Near the middle you should see a menu item entitled “Connect to Server…”.

The connect to server dialog

Clicking on this will bring up a server connection dialog. Select SSH connection from the dropdown list and fill in the necessary remote server details as required.

Connect and nautilus will then take over, displaying you a folder view of the files on the server. Next it is a matter of pressing F3 to load an extra pane to the view, and there you have it – a perfect side by side folder view that allows you to painlessly pull files across, just like you would have if using WinSCP!

The side-by-side view you'll end up with


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  • Erathian

    Ah, thanks a lot, I was looking for something like that and I had it all the time right is front of myself :-D

    • I know right? Was pleased when I discovered this myself! :)

  • Alekwisnia

    Nice, but still not perfect. It connects via sftp and not scp (which is more comfortable to use). And it doesn’t save sessions. You can add place to bookmarks, but this doesn’t save layout (two columns) and last visited place. I can’t set default editor for files (ie. php or css). The default layout (windows like) is ugly and doesn’t offer Commander-like shortcuts.

    • True, but as a simple alternative, it does what I need it to do, so I’m happy :)

  • Securingthenet

    Delighted to see this functionality right out of the box!

  • chs

    wow, this is is pretty cool. thanks!