Cosplay Sundae: Maya Natsume (Tenjou Tenge) Cosplay 21 NOV 2010

It is cosplayer Riyu Mimose’s turn to impress us this week for our usual Cosplay Sundae entry, bringing to life one of Tenjou Tenge’s most prolific manipulators: Maya Natsume!

I guess one way to win a sword fight is to suitably distract your opponent!

Skilled mangaka Oh! Great’s Tenjou Tenge was a violent combination of all out martial arts, drama and political backstabbing set in his favoured school environment – in other words making for a fun read. Then Madhouse jumped onto the project and brought this story to life under director Toshifumi Kawase and writer Toshiki Inoue for a fun-filled anime series. And now we get cosplay.

See, a full entertainment journey I tell you!

Anyway, back to the character at hand. The highly skilled swordswoman, Maya Natsume is a third year student and current leader of the Juken Club. Older sister to the potentially powerful but air-headed Aya Natsume, Maya is skilled in various martial arts but for some reason does not possess the mysterious Dragon’s Eye like the rest of her siblings.

For this reason her father entrusted her with the legendary cursed sword Reiki, a deadly killing machine that should not fall into just anyone’s hands! Maya is a particularly beautiful woman and is known to use this to her advantage when necessary. However, a great believer in storing her ki, she often chooses to employ a particular body manipulation technique that allows her to revert into her childhood form – which in turns allows her to conserve her energy!

As I mentioned above, Riyu Mimose takes it upon herself to bring this busty manipulator to life, complete with Reiki and the attitude to match!

Perhaps not the most effective way to handle a katana

She looks mean. Could be because the sword seems stuck in its scabbard

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