Cosplay Sundae: Meer Campbell (Mobile Suit Gundam SEED) Cosplay 28 NOV 2010

Cosplay Sundae is on hand to boost my web traffic once more, this time featuring that sneaky imposter Meer Campbell from that voracious fan driven franchise, Gundam SEED. And the cosplayer? None other than cosplay plus photoshop queen, Kipi!

Ventriloquism is not really my strong point you know!

The Gundam franchise with all of its variants remains one of the anime industry’s most prized possessions, garnering what is most probably the largest set of dedicated, hardcore fans for any other anime franchise in existence! (Although Naruto diehards might disagree!)

Anyway, from the stills of the length Mobile Suit Gundam SEED series, comes Meer Campbell (which could of course be a mistranslation of Mia Kyanberu), a young woman who underwent plastic surgery to look like Lacus Clyne, the popular singer of PLANTs and the leader of the Three Ships faction. Used by Gilbert Durandal, the flirty and excitable Meer proved to be an excellent tool as a Lacus impersonator in rallying the citizens of PLANT to support Gilbert.

Athrun Zala, Bloody Valentine War combatant and best friend to Kira Yamato appears to have a particularly excitable affect on Meer, who seems unable to hold her composure around him, going so far as to reveal her subterfuge to him on their very first meeting!

However, this dual life proves to be difficult for Meer to handle and the tug of war as to who she really is continues well into the future, until she finally gets to meet Lacus in person herself! (And at this point I’ll stop so as not to spoil anything for anyone who hasn’t yet caught the show)

Voiced by Rie Tanaka in the original anime series, Meer Campbell gets brought back to life by the ever popular Internet cosplay sensation Kipi – who seems to have as many rabid, hardcore fans as does the Gundam franchise! Nice.

Yes, that is a happy ball in my hand

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