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Jessica’s Footprints Jessica 14 DEC 2010

We received a nice little surprise the other day. As Chantelle strolled into the NICU for her daily visit, one of the nurses presented to her… a little page with Jessica’s inked footprints on it!

Okay, you can squeal in glee now. Aren’t they too cute? ;)

That picture is to scale. And you wonder why I treat my daughter like a fragile little champagne glass…

Spud on a Date My Life 14 DEC 2010

Things are a little tough with Chantelle and myself living apart at the moment, so last Friday was pretty cool in that we set aside a little alone time and after visiting with Jessica in the hospital, I whisked my wife away and off we drove to Tygervalley where we selected a movie to watch for the first time in absolute ages (I believe the last time we were at the cinema was to catch the new Karate Kid!)

Actually, there are quite a couple of worthy films on the big screen at the moment, but Chantelle was quite keen on Spud, and so we booked our tickets and then slinked across the food hall to grab some McDonalds for supper (also a first in a very, very long time!). Despite the unnerving sight of a completely passed out man sleeping on the couch across from us, we enjoyed the quick bite to eat, before hurriedly making our way back to the cinemas, making the usual Chantelle pitstop combined with the Chantelle in the popcorn queue routine in the process.

Spud was surprisingly well supported, but we managed to secure decent seats and settled down to enjoy the huge number of adverts, no film previews and what turned out to be a pretty decent film – even if I didn’t end up walking out quite satisfied at the end of it all. The reason for this I’m pretty sure is a combination of a) I haven’t read any of the books and b) I never went to boarding school.

Still, it was a well made movie with a likeable cast all around, and more importantly, John Cleese was absolutely brilliant in his particular role. So I liked that.

Spud the movie, our entertainment for Friday night

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Fiddler Web Debugging Proxy CodeUnit 14 DEC 2010

If you are a serious web developer (and you happen to be working off a Windows platform), then chances are good that you currently have the excellent Fiddler web debugging proxy installed on your machine.

If you don’t, then perhaps you should consider rectifying this situation.

What Fiddler is at the heart of it all, is a simple web debugging proxy which basically logs all HTTP(S) traffic between your machine and the Internet. This allows you inspect all traffic, set breakpoints and basically fiddle with all outgoing and incoming data.

As a bonus, it comes with a powerful event-based scripting subsystem and can be extended using any .NET language – not to mention the multitude of add-ons already available for the system.

It is freeware, available for almost all version recent Windows versions and is able to debug traffic from virtually any application, including Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera and Dropbox for example.

In other words, an invaluable tool in your web developer toolbox!

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