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5 RONIN Covers Revealed Comic Book Art | Comic Books 23 DEC 2010

A comic book cover can quite often make or break a sale, simply by controlling the eye of the potential buyer as he scans the shelf of more likely in this day and age, scans the web page shop category.

And thus there is no way I cannot share the recently released David Aja drawn covers for Marvel and Peter Milligan’s upcoming 5 RONIN limited series.


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Ubuntu Terminal: “cp: omitting directory” Copy Error CodeUnit 23 DEC 2010

When attempting to copy a non-empty directory in Ubuntu using the cp command, you will be presented with the following error message:

cp: omitting directory mydirectory

To force the copy cp command to handle the non-empty directory correctly, you need to force the recursive switch using -R

So you should be entering:

cp -R mydirectory targetdirectory

And now you know.