Cosplay Sundae: Mel (Suikoden III) Cosplay 26 DEC 2010

Remember 2002’s big Konami RPG hit Suikoden III? If you do, you might just remember Iksay Village’s Mel, the girl with the talking wolf-like puppet Branky. If you don’t, then maybe this week’s Kipi cosplay will nudge you in the right direction…

Excuse me, have you seen Branky lying around anywhere?

Back in 2002 Konami unleashed Suikoden III onto the gaming world, the third installment in the Suikoden series. An acclaimed RPG with a mature storyline, Suikoden III quickly became rather popular in its home country and went on to generate two further sequels plus a host of game spin-offs and even its own manga series.

While exploring Iksay village, you would have undoubtedly come across Mel, who can be recruited to your party. Mel is what is known as a Chiku Star, or Empty Star, one of the 108 Stars of Destiny. A young girl who doesn’t seem to go anywhere without her wolf-like puppet Branky, Mel is considered by most to be a slightly eccentric ventriloquist, often found bashing Branky against something hard when accusing him of being naughty.

However, this isn’t quite true as Branky is in fact a talking being – of mysterious origin of course. A skilled magic user, Mel can hold her own in battle, and indeed, is one of the military members tasked with defending the castle later on in the game.

As for the cosplay itself, Kipi is at it once again, coming across as being insanely cute while putting together a very detailed costume and capturing the character’s likeness to perfection. Seriously, no wonder she has this many fans around the Internet!

Ha! Is Branky talking or am I just making you think that he is?

Ouch. A nice pillow would have been great for the knees!

Damn it Branky, stop trying to push me through the window!

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