Covered: Danger Girl and The Army of Darkness 1 (Abbey Chase) Comic Book Art | Comic Books 15 JAN 2011

Seeing as the now-in-Dynamite’s-hands Army of Darkness comics licence has crossed over with a number of interesting and well… questionable (in terms of storyline) other comic book franchises over the years, e.g. from Marvel Zombies all the way through to Xena: Warrior Princess, it would make sense that they keep flogging this fan favourite cult workhorse with another crossover this year around, making it the first official meeting between everyone’s favourite one-handed chainsaw wielding Ash… and sexy-girl-comic-book-artist-extraordinaire, J. Scott Campbell’s Danger Girl!

Since leaving the Image/DC/Wildstorm family and joining IDW, Danger Girl have been a little missing in action, truth be told, and so it is great to see the girls finally get some more, much needed print time.

As it goes, Danger Girl and The Army of Darkness will revolve around a race to track down the Necronomicon (between the girls and Ash), is scripted by Andy Hartnell (Danger Girl co-creator) and illustrated by Chris Bolson – and as with almost all Dynamite’s releases these days, it will come in a variety of covers, courtesy of J. Scott Campbell, Paul Renaud and Nick Bradshaw.

And because Paul Renaud’s cover is the by far the most striking of the lot, it makes perfectly sense to show it off as a Covered! pick of the week! (Just check out those guns…)

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