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Photo Gallery: Retha’s First Visit with Jessica (2011-01-16) My Life | Photo Gallery 16 JAN 2011

Although Retha couldn’t be here for Jessie’s early arrival into this world, the first chance she got when finally back in South Africa, she came to spend a weekend here with us in Gordon’s Bay – going even so far as to give Chantelle a much needed break from late night baby duties!

Truly a friend indeed! :)

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Display Embedded Photo EXIF data with PHP Programming 16 JAN 2011

Most digital cameras add EXIF (Exchangeable image file format) data to photos captured nowadays, embedding information like camera type, settings, timestamps, etc. into the captured file itself, and in the process creating a host of quite important (to enthusiasts anyway) bits of meta information in the process.

Extracting this information out of photos for display on a website turns out to be particularly easy, thanks to the powerful little exif_read_data function found in PHP.

(Just a note, for the exif family of PHP functions to work, you do need exif enabled in your installation. This can be verified by a quick look through your phpinfo file).

So let’s have an active example then:

if (file_exists($filepath)) {
    echo '


Rebuild of Evangelion Cosplay: Mari Illustrious Makinami (Yunmao) Cosplay 16 JAN 2011

With the recent attempt to update the all time anime favourite, Neon Genesis Evangelion, certain new characters needed to be introduced in order to keep things fresh. One of these characters to pop up just happened to be another female pilot – Mari Illustrious Makinami!

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