Covered: Batman #500 (Joe Quesada | Kelley Jones) Comic Book Art | Comic Books 29 JAN 2011

Issue 500 is a big milestone no matter the comic franchise and it was a biggie in 1993 when Batman volume 1 hit its 500th edition. We were slap bang in the middle of the epic Knightfall crossover story that had seen Bane break Batman’s back, and the subsequent appointing of the relatively unknown Azrael (Jean-Paul Valley) assuming the mantle of the Bat. Issue 500 marked the appearance of a new batsuit, a complete overhaul of the classic design and one far more armoured, colourful and deadly than what most fans would like!

To celebrate the big occasion, Batman 500 shipped with two alternate covers, the first being a cardstock double-cover illustrated by Joe Quesada with inks by Kevin Nolan for the direct market edition, while the standard newsstand edition pictured Bane versus the new Batman courtesy of the pen and inks from Kelley Jones (whose style as always split fans right down the middle!).

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