Uchuu no Stellvia Cosplay: Yayoi Fujisawa (Chocoball) Cosplay 06 FEB 2011

We have seen Yayoi Fujisawa of 2003’s Uchuu no Stellvia cosplayed before, but seeing as Chocoball has once again gone and put in a great performance in bringing this character to life, there is certainly no reason we can’t feature her again! :)

2167 AD marked the destruction of Earth, at the hands of a powerful electromagnetic shockwave. This was caused by the nearby star (well 20 light years away), Hydrus Beta entering its supernova state. 189 years later, civilization has been rebuilt, though humanity finds itself being forced to band together in the face of the coming second shockwave from the supernova event!

Directed by Tatsuo Sato and produced by anime house Xebec, Uchuu no Stellvia tells the story of Shima, the young rookie space cadet who wishes to see the stars while looking forward rather than having to look up. A natural genius and extremely diligent, her biggest problem is that as she comes of age she needs to learn how to deal with her lack of confidence and build herself up to be the pilot that her skills says she should be.

Yayoi Fujisawa on the other hand is one of the older students in Shima’s class, having been in the Stellvia training program 2 years prior already, but having left it after a particular flight training accident. Fiercely loyal to Ayaka, Yayoi is however aware of the dangers posed by the girl and as such serves to warn the others whenever it would seem Ayaka might initiate one of her “accidents” again.

Chocoball seems to enjoy cosplaying Stellvia’s Yayoi, having been spotted in a number of variations of her various costumes from the anime series. Once again she captures the character’s likeness and playfulness perfectly, making it pretty clear why she is just as popular as she is!

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