One Piece Cosplay: Boa Hancock (Tasha) Cosplay 27 FEB 2011

One Piece is an incredibly popular anime and manga franchise, netting its creator well over 24 million US dollars profit in terms of royalties and merchandising this past year alone! Today’s cosplay features the up and coming Tasha, portraying the Snake Princess herself, Boa Hancock!

Boa Hancock. Certainly doesn't look too devious eh?

The extraordinary beauty, Boa Hancock is the only female member of the Seven Warlords of the Sea, and leader of the all-female Kuja tribe, as well as being the ruler of Amazon Lily, again an island populated solely by woman.

Her vanity is such that she believes no matter what she does, no matter how bad it is, she will be forgiven simply for her beauty. Of course this means she has no qualms in injuring pirates, marines or even her own people.

As a child, she and her two sisters were sold as slaves to the Celestial Dragons, where they first encountered the Devil Fruits. Bearing the mark of the celestial dragon on her back, Boa possesses the King Ambition ability, and is able to turn anyone who is charmed by her into stone.

Entranced by the infallible Luffy, Boa eventually falls in love with the boy who would be Pirate King and helps him whenever she can. Her bounty currently sits at 80,000,000 Berries in case you were wondering.

Tasha is quickly gaining popularity on the forums for her cosplay skills, and as you can see, she’s whipped up a pretty fine and detailed costume for this great portrayal of the Snake Princess.


Even One Piece seems to know about the perspective bending MySpace photo pose!

Yes. Look at me long enough and you will turn stiff. Like stone I mean.

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