Covered: Batman: Gotham After Midnight #1 (Kelley Jones) Comic Book Art | Comic Books 05 MAR 2011

Kelley Jones holds the unenviable position of being one of the most controversial artists ever to hold a long run stint on a main Batman title (which he did when writer Doug Moench was still churning out the tales in the late 90’s), with his rather uniquely… stylized interior artwork that split fans right down the middle in terms of you either love it or hate it, and which probably cost the Batman title a fair number of return readers during his run as regular artist.

However, despite the fact that I too didn’t think particularly highly of his interior work, his dark, moody and overly-stylized pieces work brilliant as cover art and thus it was great to see him produce some awesome covers for the twelve issue Batman series Batman: Gotham After Midnight in 2008, for which he handled the interior artwork as well.

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  • bat-fan

    Sales on the book during that run increased ,at a time when all the others dropped. His work influenced the films in the nineties as well the last two films. Style guides were made from it for that purpose. Jones was selected by D.C. as one of the notable top twenty Batman artist ever.His work is still fresh,not dated like so many others.And his collaboration with Moench was great in that it didn’t weave itself in with all the other Bat-titles,and stood on its own merits.

  • intruder

    I think Jones is in a very enviable position.I love his work, filled with symbolism and a noir sensibility that frankly you don’t see in comics anymore. Even now I see his style trying to be used by the current Batman creators.
    In a world of kitsch and hacks,his work matters.